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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Heritage Upholstery is an environmentally aware family run business with a focus on sustainability, recycling and using eco friendly products wherever possible. The very nature of our upholstery business is to turn people’s unloved items into their cherished. Our service removes the need for purchasing new items and instead transforms the old and recycles what is already in existence.

At Heritage Upholstery we are further committed to reducing the impact that our business has on the environment detailed in our pledge below.

  1. Every item that we make is bespoke to you as our customer. We never over-make items or have excess stock ensuring that only what is needed, is made.

  2. We use sustainable materials whenever possible during the reupholstery process such as coconut fibre, horse-hair, jute and flax.

  3. We buy minimal fabric books instead using an iPad to showcase fabrics and then order samples.

  4. We use recycled paper in our office, paper packaging tape and eco cleaning products within the workshop. We also use a Miele washing machine (designed and built to last 20 years) on energy and water efficient eco cleaning settings and using an eco friendly detergent.

  5. We use recyclable packaging when returning your beautifully transformed furniture to you to whilst ensuring that it arrives in the safest possible way. All of our plastic wrap packaging is fully recycled or reused by us within the workshop.

  6. We use local suppliers wherever possible to reduce road and air miles. We also actively source and promote suppliers demonstrating environmentally friendly values. Our local foam suppliers Putnams are pioneering the way with their environmental initiatives and we are really proud to support them in this.

  7. We carry out extensive repairs to furniture frames and reupholster items to make them as good as new. This reduces the need for furniture to be sent to landfill.

  8. We have made extensive energy efficient upgrades to help shrink our carbon footprint. We use energy efficient appliances, have replaced all workshop lighting with LED bulbs, installed smart thermostats and use laptops instead of desktop computers.

At Heritage Upholstery, our journey to becoming environmentally sustainable will be an on-going process but it’s more critical than ever that we implement positive practices and make a difference wherever we can. Thank you for your support in this.

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